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RCA - 01

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The Residential Cabin 01 is a prefabricated 550 sq.ft Cabin that epitomizes luxury in every aspect of its design. The sleek modern form expresses a strong architectural identity with decadent interior spaces that connect to their context. The Cabin comes fully furnished with a large open plan bathroom, a cozy living space and an outdoor deck with a plunge pool to relax, unwind and soak in all that nature has to offer. Perfect for sites located in the woods, the mountains or along the shore. 

The section above expresses the hierarchy of spaces within the Cabin. The spacious bathroom has an enclosed WC, double vanity wash basins, a walk-in wardrobe, and a free-standing bathtub with a shower area that looks out into the trees and the sky above through a large skylight which strives to naturally illuminate the space within. A service area behind the bathroom block accommodates the condenser unit and the geyser among other service equipmets and conduits ensuring a self sustained Cabin unit. The Living space consists of an entry console table with more than suffiecient storage for luggage, a kitchenette and a Queen size bed. The Deck with the plunge pool is a space to relax, unwind and soak in all that nature has to offer.


The cross sections above cut through the bathroom and the living space higlighting the spatial experience through them. It is a perfect blend of natural and artificial illumination that eccentuate the character of a space. The bathroom with its free-standing bathtub and shower area illuminated through the skylight above visually connect the interior spaces with nature. The Living space with its kitchenette and bed look out through the window and the skylight above. For sites in the lap of nature, the skylights allow dwellers a special star gazing experience from the comfort and luxury of their Prefab Cabin.

hi res interior 4.jpg

The Living Space consisting of an Entry console table, a kitchenette and a Queen size bed extends out into an outdoor deck with a plunge pool. While the window and Skylight visually connect the interior spaces with nature, the deck spatially connects the two. Spacious and cozy, it's the perfect home away from home in the woods, the mountains or on the shore. 

Our philosophy for the design of the cabin stems from our aspiration to engage all senses to curate exceptional experiences. The interplay of volumes with natural light, a perfect balance between circulation and amenities and a careful selection of materials have been a guiding force behind the design of Cabin RCA - 01

hi res interior 5.jpg
hi res interior 3.jpg
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