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CA - 06

The Cabin A  - 06 is a prefabricated 185 sq.ft Cabin that celebrates the Tiny Home concept designed for clients Sunny Watwani and Adithya Roongta of CabinA. The tiny Cabin expresses a strong visual connection with its context. The Cabin comes fully furnished with a compact bathroom, a kitchenette, a cozy Queen size bed and adequate storage. Perfect for Trekkers and solo travellers with sites in the woods or the mountain.

The Cabin is a compact unit and accommodates within its form a 36 sq.ft Bathroom, a 150 sqft Living area and a service loft that is openable through a hatch door. The Living space is furnished with a kitchenette, a Queen size bed and a wardrobe with sufficient storage for a maximum of two people. While the top hung casement window behind the bed allows for a direct connection with the outdoors, the Panoramic glass visually connects the interior with nature. The compact unit is imagined as a rest space for the more adventurous ones in the mountains or woods.


The visualizations above express the character of the interior spaces. The large internal volume of the form, veneered interior surfaces, carpeted floor and a minimalistic contemporary bed with the finest leather and upholstery give the cabin a luxurious and cozy feel. The wardrobe and space under the bed offer sufficient storage for two. The kitchenette and bathroom offer the much needed amenities to make the cabin a self sustaining unit. 

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