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RCA - 03 / A -24

The RCA - 03 is a prefabricated 375 / 225 sq.ft Cabin. Available in two size variants, the Cabin expresses a strong visual and spatial connection with its context and an architectural identity. The Cabin comes fully furnished with a Bathroom, Kitchenette and a Living space with adequate storage. Perfect for sites located in the woods, the mountains or along the shore.

The cabin form and design stems from the desire to celebrate a strong architectural identity while ensuring efficiency and functionality of each space. The spatial configuration of the cabin consists of a cozy bathroom and a spacious living space. The bathroom is furnished with a washbasin vanity, WC and a shower enclosure. The Living space consisting of a wardrobe, a kitchenette foyer and a queen size bed suited for two spatially and visually connects with the exterior natural context. A service area behind the bathroom block accommodates the condenser unit and the geyser among other service equipments and conduits ensuring a self sustained cabin unit.


The contemporary cabin with its walnut wood flooring, matte finish interior cladding, carefully crafted furniture, subtle mellow pendant lights and a seamless panoramic glass panel compels dwellers to enjoy the stunning natural views beyond from within a luxurious and cozy setting. 

Smaller Variant A-24 was design developed and executed for clients Sunny Watwani and Adithya Roongta of CabinA and built amidst 500 acres of coffee estate for Mr. Vishal Sivappa of Bettagere estate.


Panoramic Elevation

Entry Elevation

Side Elevation

Transverse Section

Longitudinal Section

Cabin Exterior 3.jpg
Cabin Interior 5.jpg

Each unit is fabricated off-site to create sandwich Panels fully integrated with requisite service sleeves and assembled on-site within 3 weeks fully furnished reducing the gestation time from design to execution drastically. 

Cabin Manufacturing Process.jpg
Assembly Process.jpg
Cabin Exterior Front during Assembly.jpg
Cabin Exterior Front.jpg
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