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CA - 33

The CA - 33 is a prefabricated 850 sq.ft Cabin designed and developed for Sunny Watwani and Adithya Roongta of CabinA that offers the comfort of a two-bedroom home with curated spatial and visual experiences. The Cabin comes fully furnished with a kitchen, Living - Dining and Two bedrooms with bathrooms. An outdoor deck that spills out from the living room and circumvents the Cabin accommodates a plunge pool and seating.

The Cabin strives to cohabit instead of inhabiting its context and comes furnished with all the modern amenities for a family of 4 to 6. Each space is carefully curated to visually and spatially connect the interior with its context. The entry porch and deck spill out of the living area and bedroom enveloping the entire form accentuating the strong spatial connection. An outdoor plunge pool offers a space to relax, unwind and soak in all that nature has to offer. 

The Living room which consists of lounge seating, a kitchen and a dining area spills onto an outdoor deck and porch. The deck with its plunge pool and seating visually and spatially connect the first bedroom. Both bedrooms are identical in their layout and accommodate within them a spacious bathroom and adequate storage. Each space within the cabin can also be customized to accommodate different programmes to better suit the dweller. 

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